Summer Dancing. Forever Friendships.

July 25, 2015
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet A New Page Summer

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s 5-week summer intensive has come to a close. Over 500 dedicated and deeply driven ballet students are without a doubt returning home better dancers than when they arrived. One who captured notable moments from arrival to departure and those between is Riley Grace Borden, this week’s A New Page guest blogger. Enjoy her… Read More

Volunteers: The Reason We Give

July 2, 2015
CPYB A New Page Volunteer

Volunteers. “The reason we give is because we value what our children are receiving every day on their way to achieving their dreams. Even what seems like a small contribution makes such a difference.” Well said, Nicole Hart — our newest guest blogger. Nicole is a mom to three Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet dancers, and adding… Read More

Choreography: The sequence of steps and movements

June 15, 2015
Balanchine's Emeralds CPYB choreography

Welcome to David Dunkle, our newest guest blogger. With a lifelong interest in telling people why they should love the arts, David recently spoke with choreographers Jeffrey Cirio, Kelly Ann Sloan and Matthew Powell about their new works premiering during June Series and with Darla Hoover about two Balanchine Company premieres. Perhaps the hardest part of… Read More

Big Rebecca

May 21, 2015
Rebecca CPYB A new page

Juggling classes with late evening rehearsals and a full academic load. Another gratifying yet insanely demanding day for this art school student. UNTIL … Morning ballet class. All was routine. You know. The pliés. The tendus. Our teacher claps her hands together, a signal to the pianist to stop her playing. The sweet tunes come… Read More

Real-life Fairy Godmothers Make Dance Dreams Come True

April 13, 2015
A New Page CPYB Blog Godmother

Give Alecia Good-Boresow a magic wand to wave, and she’d summon “a sense of accomplishment and a sense of confidence” for her students at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. “We train them here to be the best that they can be,” says Good-Boresow, appointed the CPYB school principal in October 2014. “They’re going to have the… Read More

Photographer With An Insider’s Eye: Rosalie O’Connor

March 30, 2015
Photographer O'Connor CPYB A New Page

Snap, goes the shutter of her precisely positioned camera. Once. Twice. Maybe three times over capturing yet another astonishing photograph of a dancer. Today I am fortunate enough to speak with the wildly successful freelance photographer Rosalie O’Connor. With a client list as long as the ocean is deep, what sets Rosalie’s work apart from… Read More

Autopilot: Dancing Another Day, Another Tour Jeté

March 10, 2015
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet A New Page Blog Autopilot

How many times have you driven somewhere and realized you do not remember exactly how you got there? Ever wonder if you locked your door, worry you left the oven on, or question “Did I let the dog back in before I left home?” Not sure about you, but I certainly have. Autopilot behaviors. Performed… Read More

Calling All (Gentle)men

February 24, 2015
A New Page Gentlemen

I would like to begin with a small apology. (Although, I am sure good blogging practices encourage you to never begin a post with regret.) However. Men, I feel as if I have been leaving you out a bit. Please know it has not been my intention. I have been brainstorming topics that I want to share with… Read More

Optimistic Through Injury

February 10, 2015
Optimistic Through Injury CPYB New Page Blog

Lauren Ostrander – a wildly spirited Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet alumna. Also a budding ballerina fortunate enough to have her dream come true in securing a contract in a professional ballet company. Although that is what 2014 seemed to have in store for her, 2015 came along and altered her path. Injured and now recovering… Read More

Auditions. What To Do, What Not To Do?

January 27, 2015
CPYB A New Page Peter Boal

What to do and what not to do? That IS the question. I am talking about auditions. Seems like everyone else is too – which is what caused me to write this second post about these potentially life-changing moments in a dancer’s life. There are whispers from dancers in the studio hallways asking, “Who are… Read More