January 15, 2016
CPYB self-reflection A New Page blog

It is exactly 3:25 pm. She darts out from the large steel double doors at school. I ask, “Where’s the fire?” We both chuckle as we climb into the car and head for home. The only fire was the one lit inside her. There were flames of enthusiasm as she began telling me about her… Read More

Falling In Love With Nutcracker

December 16, 2015
Nutcracker A New Page Blog CPYB

It was full of feelings like no others. Standing in the wings. Teary eyes from the music of the Grand Pas. A mind focused so intently that it felt as if it might burst. Nutcracker was a time that came expected, but still surged into the unknown. Being a little eight-year-old staring up at the casting… Read More

Unveiling the Magic Within The Nutcracker

December 2, 2015
Magic A New Page Balanchine Nutcracker

Magic doesn’t emerge from tricks and sleight of hand. Magic comes from within, just waiting for talent, passion and hard work to blend into a potion that brings it to life, ready to enlighten and amaze those fortunate enough to witness. Magic is the human spirit blossoming into the gift of talent realized. For Central… Read More

Get the Point: Purchasing your first pair of pointe shoes

November 19, 2015
CPYB purchasing pointe shoes A New Page Blog

It happened in the fall of 1983. My first pair of pointe shoes. They were pink. And I mean a brightly gleaming, true ballet pink. The brand was Capezio Pavlova, and they were packaged in a sleek black box covered with white stars that truly seemed to sparkle as I carefully removed the lid. A… Read More

Sheep Tales: Merry Mix-ups in the Land of Mother Goose

October 21, 2015
Once Upon a Rhyme_Mother Goose_A New Page Blog

What to do? What to do? Mother Goose characters, it seems, are always tangled in dilemmas. Will Jack and Jill safely fetch their pail of water? Is Humpty Dumpty fated to become an omelet? Where are Little Bo-Peep’s wandering sheep? Now comes Once Upon a Rhyme, an original production from Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet with… Read More

The Journey So Far with Nicholas Ade

October 14, 2015
A New Page Blog Ade Journey

This is a particularly personal post for me. As the writer for A New Page blog, I have the opportunity to talk with many amazing people. This time I surprised my husband and asked him for an interview. Never seen someone work as hard in the studio until I met him. Used to wonder if his… Read More

What are you doing here?

September 24, 2015
You_CPYB A New Page blog

For every person who has fallen in love with ballet and with each passing day finds more reasons to keep loving it … She was a shy girl with bruised forehead, with legs and arms that became entangled by everything in their way. Be it the kitchen counters her parents covered in socks to soften her… Read More

Happy New (Academic) Year

September 8, 2015
Happy New Academic Year A New Page Blog

  Optimistic enthusiasm. The feeling I possess watching the glistening glow of the illustrious New Year’s Eve ball drop. This easily compares to the bubbly excitement I get when a new year of ballet begins. The wealth of possibilities it holds, just like any New Year. What may the year have in store for you,… Read More

Fueling the Fire

August 20, 2015
A New Page Blog Fueling

Everyday we fuel our children. We energize them with food. Recharge them by seeing to it they receive ample amounts of rest and sleep. Feed their little souls with love and laughter. We even supply them with all sorts of educational possibilities, both academic and beyond. The beyond I am speaking of today is fueling… Read More

The Big Fish That Once Was

August 3, 2015
CPYB A New Page Blog Fish

Many of you will make a colossal transition this year. I am speaking of the one where you will go from being a large fish in a small pond to becoming a small fish in a large pond. Company employment! So what exactly does this all mean? As the big fish, you rule the school. You… Read More