While Investing In Ballet Training …

September 2, 2014 Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet  A New Page Investing

Are you taking the time to invest in your body’s health? There is no denying that beautifully bodied ballet dancers spend long days in the studio perfecting their art form. Everything from their pinkie finger down to their baby toe and all that is in between. We all know that investing in exercise is advantageous for our Read More

Gearing Up For Fall Standing In Summer’s Shadow

August 26, 2014 A New Page Fall

AUDIO BLOG. It is so hard to believe that August is nearing the end. If you are like me, you are probably asking yourself, “Where did summer go?” There is no doubt it was here, and my hope is that yours was extraordinary whether you spent yours dancing your heart out or enjoying the relaxation Read More

3 Lessons I Learned from the Wings

August 13, 2014 Waiting in the wings.

While waiting in the wings there is no view more perfect. You stand surrounded by organized chaos. Dancers preparing to share their gift. Scenery and drops flying in and out, wheeled in every which direction. Wardrobe mistresses tending to some last minute mending. The orchestra tuning. A mere snapshot of a night at the ballet Read More

Bidding Adieu

July 26, 2014 Bidding Adieu A New Page

So quiet you can hear a bobby pin drop. Yet another wildly successful Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet summer ballet program has come to a close. A swirling sea of dancers — more than 580 eager young people — flowed into Carlisle over a month ago. They circulated in and out of the CPYB studios, as Read More

Time For A Change

July 22, 2014 Time for a Change A New Page

After just having completed another year of dance training, your summer intensive of choice can feel like a breath of fresh air. Taking classes from different teachers, receiving corrections — some possibly with a different approach, others new altogether — and expanding your circle of friends all help re-energize your dancing and trigger new perspectives. Read More

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