Indelible Impressions

November 29, 2016
Amanda Edge CPYB Indelible Impressions

In a dark drawing room, a tiny young girl wearing a white nightgown crouches in wonderment at the foot of an enormous Christmas tree.  Looming above her, its boughs shimmer with hundreds of candles. She gazes up at the brilliant sight, tenderly sheltering her beloved Nutcracker. I was seven years old when I first saw… Read More

Perchance to Dream: The Spectral World of Sleepy Hollow

October 17, 2016
Alan Hineline's Sleepy Hollow CPYB A New Page

“You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.” With the opening narrative of every “Twilight Zone” episode, Rod Serling left no doubt about what was ahead. We weren’t really meeting aliens or seeing gremlins on… Read More

Rediscovering Why I Do What I Do

October 6, 2016
Missing Nicholas Ade CPYB CEO A New Page BLog

They all say “Thank you” as they usually do as I start walking out of the studio and back to my office. That is when it hit me … THIS is why I do it. Over the past year, like all years, there have been good moments, lackluster moments, turbulent moments that could have gone… Read More

CPYB Comes Full Circle: 60 Years of Dreams and Dance

June 24, 2016
60 years CPYB Marcia Dale Weary

Ask Marcia Dale Weary if her ballet school was always intended as a preprofessional training ground, and she shares a story. As a child, she would sit outside and pretend that she was going to dance class. “When children go to piano lessons, you don’t want them to bang on the piano,” she says. “You… Read More

See the music, hear the steps: Artists emerge through choreography

June 13, 2016
June Series Music CPYB

Musicality Cameron Essis Gildea is just beginning her professional journey, but she knows what belongs in the successful dancer’s toolbox. “It’s all about putting all the things you know and have learned into one,” says the veteran CPYB dancer, 2016 Cumberland Valley High School graduate, and Pacific Northwest Ballet summer program student. “You can’t be… Read More

First you’re part of it. Then it’s part of you.

May 11, 2016
A New Page blog Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Nope. Not a riddle. I am talking about the distinguished role of an alumna and alumnus to an institution that gave you true meaning and purpose. When a school equips you with those proverbial wings to fly you assume the position of brand ambassador. Dispersed around the globe contributing to the reputation of your once-upon-a-time stomping… Read More

Perfect Timing: Finding the Human Comedy in CPYB’s Coppélia

April 14, 2016
A New Page Blog CPYB Coppelia

In dance, says Marcus Romeo, “sometimes it’s harder to be funny than serious.” It’s a lament heard often in theater. “Dying is easy,” goes a saying among actors. “Comedy is hard.” “Dying is easy,” goes a saying among actors. “Comedy is hard.” Romeo learned the lesson as a Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet student, playing the… Read More


March 20, 2016
Complacency CPYB A New Page blog

We sat face to face on the couch talking about what is “next” for me. To date I have had two separate and very rewarding careers. I have seen parts of this world I never dreamed possible. Nearly 10 years ago, I stepped back from it all. Laid down one enterprise to pick up another adventure:… Read More

The Forward Look

March 1, 2016
The Look Forward CPYB A New Page Blog

The pool-water blue Ford Tempo arrived every evening to pick me up from ballet. I remember very few days when I did not approach that passenger side door ready to burst. Burst with tears. Burst with excitement. On fire with frustration. Euphoric. Or wilted from despair. Luckily, we had a 40-minute drive home, and we… Read More

Costumes Tell a Story

February 18, 2016
CPYB A New Page costumes

It was the most beautiful thing that I have ever worn. The fabric was a hand-painted, heavy silk charmeuse. A myriad of colors. Golden hues of yellow. Ripe tones of orange. All woven around vivid streaks of red coupled with sections of dark, bold blues. When I danced, it moved with me only to accentuate… Read More