• I didn’t realize that ballet could help children improve their self-esteem as they start to grow older. However, I guess that it does make a lot of sense, especially since they are in an atmosphere full of like-minded children. It also probably helps that they will have constant support from their parents and teachers as they continue to grow and practice.

  • Mia Stewart says:

    I like how the article explains that enrolling your child in ballet can help them to learn focus so they can be disciplined. When I was younger, I had a terrible focus which means I was not very disciplined to be able to do well in school. I want my child to succeed in school and be focused and disciplined so I will look into enrolling them in ballet.

  • I’m seeing dancing potentials with my niece. While she is still young and since I’m a staged auntie, I’m looking for a ballet dance classes that I can enroll her. I agree when you said that ballet provides a solid foundation, and it also offers many other benefits. I want my niece to be more focused, to learn how to follow instructions and to gain self-discipline. Thanks for your helpful tips!

  • Jane Burt says:

    It was very helpful to learn that by having your child take a ballet class, they are able to learn how to focus and follow instructions. My daughter has been having a lot of difficulties with focusing recently and I am wanting to help her learn how to focus. Maybe I will look into enrolling her in a ballet class soon.

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