• Sveti says:

    Amasing article – pure expression of my thoughts ..,,

  • Rita Leroux says:

    I wasn’t exposed to ballet as a child but when our granddaughter started
    taking ballet lessons my husband and I decided to take an adult class as well.
    Dance wasn’t her interest but we both fell in love and have been taking ballet class ever since. He just turned 80 and I am 73. In class I am constantly reminded that dreams have no age limit and that beauty is always worth striving for. There is heartbreak too, the bittersweet moments of standing at the barre in my well used body next to an elegant and trim teenage keep me in touch with reality. But then the music start and we bend our knees in the first plies and my heart unfolds into an unimaginable freedom. I am in love, madly, passionately, fiercely in love with ballet.

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