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  • Cathy Carson says:

    I think we moms need to be aware of the Ballet Brick Wall.

    Ballet moms and dancers that are all consumed and see nothing beyond a career in dance are in for a rude awakening.
    Age is everything.
    If you are not in a professional program (I did not say pre-pro) by 17 they are on their own at 18 there are few company audition opportunities and fierce competition. But so is the story inside the company world.

    If your daughter is indeed a quality dancer and realistically stands a chance be prepared as a parent to have to surrender them. Meaning letting them go to a company program possibly far away. It all costs money too, a lot. Tuition, rent, food etc. You will sacrifice those years with your child, frankly a move I was never ready to make.
    I am fortunate that we have a great program in town, with a top 5 ballet company, however my daughter is too old at 18. She was told this when auditioning for their professional program, but was instead placed in the top tier of the academy. I do not understand this mindset at all. The most fabulous dancers are mature, but how can one make it when at 18 you are too old to bring into the company?
    My daughter now knows all kinds of info on what really goes on when young people ( some living on their own at 15) are left to their own devices in a major city. However, I feel confident I made the right choice of not letting her go into this realm at too young of an age.

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