• Annette Adams says:

    Dear Faculty,

    My daughter Lizzie, was one of the two, to be awarded a scholarship at your school at Festival. She has left home before, not for ballet though. Sending her off was hard, since she is number three of 5 children. Her oldest brother left home for college in Colorado Springs, and she could not say good bye with the rest of us, which made it extra hard. She left home with a positive attitude, and super thrilled that she had qualified to come to CPYB.

    You see, she had to grow into her body, it’s a long limbed thing, and she has had to work really hard, it has taken her longer. And one day, a couple of years ago, she said, “Mama, no matter how hard I work, I won’t be asked to do certain things at upcoming performances, because I can’t make my body do those things.” I asked her if she loved ballet. She said, “YES” to which I responded, that me and her dad know that she loves it, and that her dad, would be willing to pay for her to continue if she loves it, and I suggested she talk to her teachers, asking about extra classes which she did. That summer, during summer intensive, an guest instructor took notice of her hard work, and she was voted most improved dancer. She continued to work hard, and was able to attend YAGP in an ensemble piece which was invited to come to NY. Sadly, the entire ensemble could not attend, Festival was upcoming, and she visited with her teachers yet again. They recommended she audition for your school. She came home, and I watched her go to your website, and study, what technique, how classes were taught on you tube videos, what leos were expected, and she crossed her fingers!

    Festival came, as did the results, and she was beaming! She said, after receiving the award, and being home again in her own studio, the recognition took the pressure off, to keep proving herself, taking away the second guessing, and focusing more on the progress. She said, she felt like she wasn’t holding herself back. She had nailed it, and could develop in new ways a better understanding of what she was learning and attempting to do. She was excited for the new opportunity, and a little nervous at the unknown of the school.

    During this time, she has snap chatted her siblings, posted instagram pictures, checked her email to keep up with an other dance commitment, that she feels better prepared for, and has had the best time, making new friends, and learning new things, and watching different teachers approaches to teaching.

    I don’t do ballet, nor do I even dance, but I do appreciate, and understand the importance of good sound teaching and instruction that enables healthy growth, and I am sure that when I see her, she will have grown both in technique, and in stature, but most importantly, this opportunity will have matured her emotionally, physically, and intellectually. She’s made new friends, seen a new and wonderful place and will look forward to being home again, as well as leaving home, when the time comes again.

    Thank you for making it possible, for her to see that hard work really does pay off. To me, as her mother, this is one of the most valuable lessons she could have learned at her age, because it will continue with her always. Sincerely, Annette Adams

    • Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet says:

      Annette. Thank you so much for your kind words to us, but mainly for sharing Lizzie’s story. We all enjoyed having Lizzie in classes as her hunger and drive to improve led the way giving her this tremendous reward! We look forward to seeing both of you in the future and thanks again for sharing.

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