• Emily DeAngelo says:

    Melinda Howe is the ballet teacher from CPYB who loves her students (and even the dancer’s family members!) beyond the studio and stage!!!! Her care for us throughout the 15 years we’ve known Melinda has created friendships that are treasured and kept beyond space and time! When we go home to Carlisle, seeing Melinda and sharing lunch with her is our top priority! Melinda, your love and loyalty continue to bless the DeAngelos! We adore you, our teacher, our friend.

  • Ali Jaramillo says:

    Melinda is one of the best teachers in the world! She is so wise and has so much knowledge! She is so caring and strives to help any student that comes her way. She is also a truly amazing person who is so welcoming and beautiful!!! I am so lucky to now have her as an important influence in my life and a friend. She is truly carrying on Marcia’s legacy!

  • Pat Strickler says:

    You are a treasure. CPYB is blessed to have you on their staff.
    Wishing you many happy and healthy years.

  • Robyn Howe Arab says:

    Melinda is my sister in law. Beautiful inside and out. Her love of dance is so inspiring. She really enjoys teaching and her students. She has often gone above and beyond for her students. She is loyal, loving and kind.

  • Emily Finer says:

    I was fortunate to attend the Teacher Training in 2015 and Melinda imparted many of her teaching helpful methods. It is true that the most important thing in her bag was her speaker! She told us that when prepping to teach a class. It was great watching her teach and break something down to the tiniest detail and keep the dancers so intensely interested in all she was saying.

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