• karen carpenter says:

    Dear Paige, Your life will take many turns like this and your ballet will serve you in So many new ways.You are a dancer forever and that will make you an exceptional buyer. You have the aesthetic eye and the grace to know what cloths empower people. Your story is just beginning and I bet dollars to doughnuts you will dance,again…and be even stronger than before.Break a leg, I love your new passion thanks for sharing.

  • Shane says:

    I also left the stage before I was ready. Not ballet, but musical theater, although I can assure you that the feeling was very much the same. When you define your life by one thing and that thing is gone, who are you anymore? We only varied in one way which I would recommend you considering. I did not leave the theater, I just went backstage. I spent the last 12 years learning the business of presenting the performing arts. Now, as luck would have it, I am the Executive Director of a professional ballet company. So think on this. You are unique in that you understand the passion that is involved with performing. Just because you cannot perform does not mean you cannot instill that passion in other to support the arts. So if you love what you do, wonderful, but know there are good careers still in your field, just in another way. It is not the same as performing, nothing will be. But watching those kids come in here day in and day out, seeing their nervous excitement on opening night and their somber relief on closing night…it is a close second.

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