Nutcracker: Beloved Family Tradition

December 1, 2017
CPYB Nutcracker tradition

tradition (late 13c.) from the Latin traditus, meaning “deliver, hand over” Traditions bring us together with people we hold dear, allowing us to share meaningful times that become the memories we cherish through our lives. 125 years ago this Christmas, the Nutcracker had its premiere in St. Petersburg, and today, the ballet is a beloved… Read More

Hansel, Gretel, and CPYB dancers on a bittersweet journey

October 16, 2017
Journey CPYB Hansel and Gretel A New Page Blog

  The child lives a secure life until disruption arrives. A journey begins, as the child assembles a team of friends to share the trip. Evil arises, but the child discovers reserves of strength to do battle. The child triumphs, safe but transformed into a wiser, more mature self. This child could be Dorothy Gale,… Read More

Kids With Grit: 6 Compelling Lessons from Hansel and Gretel

September 26, 2017
Hansel and Gretel A New Page Blog

Hansel and Gretel prove they are quite the resourceful, clever little kids. They manage to make good on their stepmother sending them alone into the eerie North Woods to search for food, and they escape the clutches of the wicked witch. They’ve got grit. Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet will stage Alan Hineline’s adaptation of Hansel and Gretel… Read More

The Game That Can’t Be Won

September 11, 2017
Game A New Page Blog Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

“It’s the game that can’t be won, only played.” – caddy speaking to a golfer, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” Every day the dancer steps up, places their hand on the barre, and the work begins. There is an ironic, comforting solace found in the repetition of grueling exercises. Consistency is sought, yet musical responsiveness… Read More

3 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in Ballet Class at an Early Age

July 8, 2017
CPYB ballet clas

It’s passionate and artistic, beautiful and elegant. It is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding practices a person can learn. Dating back to the 15th century, the performance dance, ballet, originated in Renaissance Italy and soon spread into France with the help of Catherine de’Medici. Today, it incorporates contemporary choreography, as well as classical… Read More

Movement of Memory: Sound and steps merge in CPYB June Series

June 12, 2017
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet June Series Movement

In the beginning, young ballet students are told exactly what to do. Each step on the road to flawless technique is strictly mapped out. But there comes a time when the dancer must soar, when technique is layered in the colors of artistry. At Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, this moment is nudged along when choreographers… Read More

Ballet Master: Gardener of the Dance

May 30, 2017
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet blog ballet master

“God creates. I assemble …” – George Balanchine, “Ballet Master” A choreographer is like a landscape architect, using – in lieu of plants – human bodies to construct a living aesthetic arrangement. The great choreographer George Balanchine, in fact, spoke of his “garden” of dancers, each one possessing distinct qualities and blooming in different seasons. An… Read More

CPYB’s The Sleeping Beauty: Awakening the Dancer Within

April 3, 2017
Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet_CPYB_Hineline_Beauty

Madison Keesler’s first Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet lessons made her cry. She was 10 years old, dancing since age 6 for schools in Colorado and Miami. But in Carlisle, she witnessed her peers gliding through advanced steps that she couldn’t perform. Her mother left the decision with her. Stay or go? Even through her tears,… Read More

Wardrobe Department Takes Beauty Off Stage

March 28, 2017
Beauty Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet A New Page Blog

Thimble. Needle. Thread! There’s beauty going on both on and off stage at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet as the wardrobe department prepares 139 individual costumes that appear during Alan Hineline’s epic three act The Sleeping Beauty. Many of the ballet’s costumes consist of multiple garments, accessories, and a headpiece to complete the look. The sheer volume… Read More

Adventures in Choreography

March 16, 2017
Adventures in Choreography

A choreographer is an innately imaginative craftperson motivated by music or a muse, or both. A choreographer takes the dance vocabulary and manipulates it, inverting and melding traditional steps with uniquely inventive ideas to create something fresh and new. I am not a choreographer. Sure, I’ve had a few choreographic experiences: Two pieces for students… Read More