While Investing In Ballet Training …

September 2, 2014

Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet

Are you taking the time to invest in your body’s health?

There is no denying that beautifully bodied ballet dancers spend long days in the studio perfecting their art form. Everything from their pinkie finger down to their baby toe and all that is in between.

We all know that investing in exercise is advantageous for our health. 

Last time I checked a single day still had only 24 hours in it. Yet many dancers seem to find and carve out even more time for cross training workouts. This increases their lung capacity helping them dance tirelessly through particularly “puffy” ballets. Working out larger muscles that are used less in ballet helps to further support the entire body, which reduces the risk of injury. Then there is, of course, the factor of simply gaining strength. You can find a more in-depth read on cross training in an earlier A New Page blog with physical therapist Chris Fisher at Cross Training: Pushing Past The Limits.

We all know that investing in exercise is advantageous for our health. That is no secret. So, whether you are already wrapped up in some high intensity workout regimen or you are someone feeling stagnant needing a turnaround, let’s dig in deep and hear from a personal trainer about staying in shape. Pro Dustin Pague is the fitness director at Gold’s Gym in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He is also a mixed martial artist (MMA) who competed on the Fox Sports Network reality series The Ultimate Fighter. The combination of his training and experience with his passion for fitness gives Dustin quite a bit to say about overall training and wellness.

A New Paige: What approach do you take when someone, regardless of their fitness level, comes to you with a goal they want help achieving? 

Dustin Pague: The first step in helping a client reach their fitness goals is to discuss what exactly they are expecting. It is imperative that you set very specific and attainable goals. Remember though, they won’t be met overnight! Once individual goals are set, I then take each client through a Functional Movement Screening (FMS). Basically, this is a fitness assessment that consists of seven movement patterns that help to detect any issues with stability, mobility and injuries. The results of the FMS are used to develop an individualized program for each client that will not only help them reach their fitness goals, but will also prevent injury, enhance stability and mobility, and correct any asymmetric imbalances in the body.

ANP: Many think that investing in exercise means going to a gym, hopping on a cardio machine, lifting some weights, and completing their workout with a few sit-ups. Granted, any exercise is better than none, but what are the chances of success?

DP: To an extent you are right — any exercise is better than nothing. But this can also be dangerous. Exercise really is a science. There is a right way and a wrong way. In order to get particular results, there has to be a detailed plan that consists of a proper volume, intensity and progression. Those individuals who just jump around from machine to machine are at a higher risk of injury and their chances of reaching their fitness goals are very slim. Why not have a plan and reach your body’s full potential?

ANP: Help us understand how attending a gym is about total body and mind wellness versus just the exercise piece.

CPYB A New Page Investing in TrainingDP: Absolutely! There has been a countless amount of research and studies done that continue to show the benefits of exercise. And I’m not talking about the benefits that everyone knows about like building strength and enhancing your cardiovascular system. But benefits from lowering blood pressure and increasing bone density to alleviating stress and even boosting one’s confidence and self-esteem.

You see, your overall health and fitness should not be a hobby. It should be a way of life. A way to enhance both your body and your mind. Why not wake up feeling incredible, looking in the mirror and being happy with what you see? Investing in a sound exercise program will help to both get and KEEP you there.

Writer’s Note: Dustin will be joining Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet’s academic year orientation program on September 3. If you are an in-coming CPYB student or parent with fitness questions, bring them along! Or, if you have been thinking about getting a trainer, Dustin has learned from his clients that when it comes to achieving individual fitness goals, investing in a knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer offers these five benefits:

  • Accountability and Motivation through set appointment times and encouragement that cause you to keep at it.
  • Personalized Program providing a specific plan developed around your individual goals.
  • Proper Technique and Form that ensure you perform exercises properly, maximize strength output and minimize your risk of injury.
  • Sport Specific Training that studies your body patterns and movement and devises a plan to increase strength, endurance, speed and agility for your specific sport.
  • Results leading to a healthier way of living life and a higher sense of achievement!

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